What Size Do I need

What Size Do I Need

All Original Stuff…
Circle W Leather makes all of the leather goods by hand in Tucson, Arizona, each is an original ~ no two belts are the same.
For those folks wanting two belts exactly the same…they have to buy machine made belts, they crank them out by the thousands to satisfy the masses, we do them one belt at a time and cater to individuals.
We also make our belts with 9/10 oz leather (thicker) for a few dollars more.

What Size Should You Order…
Your belt will come with a standard buckle (nothing fancy), if you intend on leaving this buckle on the belt then order a belt 2 inches larger than your pant size.
If however, you plan on replacing the buckle with your own buckle, usually they are about 1 1/2 inches long, then order your pant size.
Remember, I am starting from scratch…so get a tape measure and measure your waist and let me know how many inches it is – I’ll make the belt in accordance with that and if you intend to change the buckle.

Personalize It…
Yes we do personalize belts with names or initials… and there is no charge.
Personalized belts are not returnable, however.

Make It A Money Belt…
To make it a money belt just add $18.00 to the price.
We will line the belt and sew a 24 inch zipper in the lining.
The belt needs to be either 1 ½ or 1 ¾ inch in width to make it a functional money belt.
Also, lots of folks use money belts to transport coins and stamps…something to think about.

How To Measure Your Correct Belt Size